100% Alpaca MITTENS SOLID COLORS (HandSpun - HandKnitted - UNDYED Natural Alpaca Colors) - Rustic Quality


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Product Overview

  • Handspun and Hand-knitted. 
  • Fine, lustrous, alpaca fibers ensure excellent natural comfort and warmth. 
  • 100% natural alpaca (no dyes). 
  • For men and women 
  • Comes in assorted natural non-dyed alpaca colors.

This is a rustic product handspun and hand knitted by shepherds in the Andes high lands of Peru. Because of the individual hand work required for each of these products, it is not possible to offer consistency in the size, shape, color or depicted figures.

As they are made of truly 100% alpaca they allow the feeling of the wonderful and soft alpaca fiber at a very affordable price.


This product is offered in two versions:

Raw: This is the product as it comes from the Andean High Lands. It may come with some farm dirt or also have some loose stitches.

Prime: This is the product after the best effort of our team of reviewers in Peru. We do our best to make sure it looks as good as possible.

The Raw and Prime options are offered in order to bring you the best price and the best products at the same time. Many customers prefer to review the products themselves so there is no need for them to get the Prime option.

Please contact us if you have questions or need more information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review