Alpaca Scarves, the facts (and lies): how to get an authentic Alpaca Scarf


  1. Alpaca is one of the finest natural fibers.  It is rare. It is expensive.
  2. In Peru, ebay and Amazon many blends of alpaca and other fibers are sold as “100% alpaca”. Also even when a blend of fibers is described on the labels, the percentage of alpaca is usually exaggerated. These garments are sold also at many US internet market places.
  3. There are many alpaca fiber qualities: from soft and silk to harsh and itchy.
  4. The thinner alpaca fiber is used on the higher quality and most expensive yarn.
  5. The classification of alpaca yarn is as follow, from top to bottom:
    1. Royal Alpaca (less than 19 microns),
    2. Baby Alpaca (22.5 microns),
    3. Super Fine Alpaca (25.5 microns),
    4. Huarizo (29 microns)
    5. Coarse (32 microns)

From the beginning of our operation (2001) we have as a goal to disclose the quality and composition of the yarn and manufacturing characteristics of the products we offer.

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