About Us

Our Mission

We want to give Peruvian artisans a global marketplace to express their artistic talent and our traditions and culture.

We want to provide our customers beautiful and meaningful items at the best value leveraging the power that the internet provides for international trade.

At Llacta we partner with the artisans we work with. We want to help them to enter the world market, respecting their identity and cultural background. We believe in a fair globalization where both our customers and artisan partner and get enrich to rise together. Llacta means village / nation in Quechua, the official language of the ancient Inca Empire. It wants to reflect our intention to be an active part in this integration process.

We want to be a bridge between Peru and the world.

We want to bring our worlds together.
Our best and warmest regards.
The Llacta team, your team.

Who we are

Llacta is managed by an international joint venture between AndeanSun Corp. in the US and PeruvianSun SAC in Peru.

AndeanSun Corp takes care of sales and customer service in North America. PeruvianSun SAC takes care of international trading with all other regions.

In North America: AndeanSun Corp.

Located in the Sarasota area --Southwest Florida--, AndeanSun Corp. handles trading and customer service in the US and Canadian markets.

As an Llacta customer you can be sure you will be our top priority. Our aim is to establish steady and long term relationships with our customers by offering an unsurpassed customer service and the best value in the products we offer.

In Peru and World Wide: PeruvianSun SAC

Located in Lima, the capital of Peru and close to Callao - the Peruvian main port- PeruvianSun SAC is perfectly located to serve the world business community offering the best selection of Alpaca and Andean products.

PeruvianSun aim is to offer a world class customer service and establish steady and long relationships with our customers.

Llacta offer you the best convenience and value for the products we carry. We welcome suggestions and feedback. You can contact us by clicking here.