Alpaca Shawl Hand Crocheted Flowers on Trim by Alpaca Carrasco

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For this shawl, the woven alpaca is hand cut and machine sewn by experienced Andean seamstresses. The alpaca fiber is blended and spun with a high-quality acrylic wool in order to produce a woven textile that is lightweight, very warm, and durable.

This product is made by Camargo. They use a blend of 27% Alpaca and 73% high quality-extremely thin Acrylic. It is extremely soft and fells very nice. You can find these. Camargo products sold as 100% alpaca at local handicrafts markets in Peru, some times even at EBay -sellers there most of the time do not say the alpaca percent the product have- and also in other web sites around.

It is a nice and fine product for its price but keep in mind the alpaca percentage it has. The product is an excellent example of what can be done with alpaca fiber and how can it be blended with other fibers.

Details include 8 in.fringed borders with beautiful crochet work in the shape of flowers.

  • Extra soft.
  • Handwoven and finished in Peru.
  • Hand-crocheted borders.
  • Hand-crocheted fringes.
  • Brushed finish.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review