100% Alpaca KIDS Gloves with Andean Motif (HandSpun - HandKnitted - UNDYED Natural Alpaca Colors) - Rustic Quality

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Keep your children hand"s warm during the coldest seasons with these great Andean gloves! Featuring lovely designs that include geometric figures and Alpacas, these cozy items will add a touch of innovation to a children wardrobe. Face the lowest temperatures with them in your hands: 100% Alpaca yarn guarantees the traditional thermal properties that make the fur of this camelid world famous.

  • Hand spun and Hand-knitted
  • For very small children (Infants - Babies)
  • 100% Natural Alpaca (no dyes)
  • Alpaca textile ensures comfort and warmth
  • Comes in assorted natural colors 

This is a rustic product hand spun and hand knitted by shepherds in the Andes high lands of Peru. Because of the individual hand work required for each of these products, it is not possible to offer consistency in the size, shape, color or depicted figures.

As they are made of truly 100% alpaca they allow the feeling of the wonderful and soft alpaca fiber at a very affordable price.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review