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Our goal is provide also the right information about the alpaca composition of our products. Alpaca is such a noble fiber that even when blended with other yarns still has lot of its original appealing. That is why it is very easy to sell alpaca blankets yarns made blends as 100% alpaca yarn. We offer you the blends but we identify them. 

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Alpaca Checkered blanket
Alpaca Checkered blanket
Alpaca Striped Throw - Blanket
Alpaca Striped Throw - Blanket
Alpaca Throw - Blanket "Pixel Alpaquitas"
Alpaca Throw - Blanket "Pixel Alpaquitas"
Alpaca Blend Blanket for Babies
Alpaca Blend Blanket for Babies
 Alpaca Camargo Blanket  (Small Wide)
Alpaca Camargo Blankets and Throws
 100% Baby Alpaca Luxury Woven Throw
100% Alpaca Blankets and Throws
 Alpaca Blend Reversible Alpaca Throw "Twin Alpacas"
50% Alpaca - 50% Acrylic Blends Blankets and Throws
 Alpaca Checkered blanket
50% Alpaca - 50% Wool Blankets and Throws


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Alpaca blankets are made from Peruvian Alpaca wool, this are soft and luxurious blankets. Extremely warn and lightweight, five times warmer than sheep's wool. Its a must have for those cold nights.


Alpaca fur is superior to most natural specialty fibers and embodies the most desirable characteristics. Here are a few facts:
1 Comparable fineness to cashmere (measures about 20-22 microns)
2 Comparable smoothness to silk (smooth cell structure)
3 Strong natural fiber, Stronger than mohair (fiber doesn't break). Three times stronger than sheep wool
4 Softer than cotton
5 Excellent insulating and thermal qualities through cellular structure, Warmer than goose down or new synthetic fabrics like Gortex, Five times warmer than sheep wool
6 Non-itch, hypoallergenic because of the absence of lanolin (unlike wool)
7 Lightweight through hollow pocket cellular structure
8 Fade resistant
9 Natural oils repel dirt and dust
10 Non-shedding