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How to Buy an Alpaca Sweater

Alpaca is synonymous with softness and luxury, and the finest garments are still manufactured in Peru. Quality counts, though, so be a savvy shopper.

After all, it took a year for an Alpaca to grow enough wool for your sweater, and if taken care of well, it will last a lifetime. Much more than cashmere of wool as alpaca fiber is stronger and longer

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1.  Prepare to part with some cash: This high-quality, soft alpaca fiber is an investment, averaging $100 up for a 100 percent Alpaca sweater.
2.  Feel the alpaca yarn: If it feels coarse or fuzzy, it's a sign of poor quality. In the world of Alpaca, softer is better. It feels "like butter" and cozy and because it do not have lanoline it will not itch.
3.  Beware of bargains and mislabeling. In recent years, Alpaca and sheep wool blends and also alpaca and acrylic blends have been sold as 100 percent Alpaca. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
4.  The only way to get a sweater or garment in 100% alpaca for a low price will be to get a hand knitted - hand spooned one made in the highlands of the Andes in Peru. Finishing will not be as careful as the high end garments but you still be getting "the real thing".
  Overall Tips:
  Many Alpaca items can be hand washed safely. Use baby shampoo or gentle wash detergent and rinse well. Washing actually makes Alpaca softer, allowing the yarns to bloom. Dry flat!
  Use a lint brush to remove pills, which should be minimal on a good-quality garment.


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