100% Alpaca FS Yarn Cone Melange Trend / Approx. 1 kilo / 2.2 lbs

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Luxurious 100% Alpaca SuperFine. Alpaca is a natural hypoallergenic fiber with none of the prickle of wool. It is as soft to touch as cashmere and warmer than wool. Experience the luxuriousness of this truly noble fiber.

Alpaca yarn is great for your knitting projects & the quality is superb. If you are not familiar with Alpaca, it's an animal that originates from the Andean regions of South America. Its soft coat gives it protection from the extreme Andean mountains temperatures. Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas over 6000 years ago with the finest fibers worn only by Incan Royalty.

This Alpaca yarn is soft & durable. It is always compared to cashmere but unlike cashmere it will not lose its luster after a few years. Garments made of alpaca last much longer than cashmere. It is recommended that you hand wash with shampoo or dry clean your finished product.

100% Alpaca is from the first sheering and the softest alpaca.

  • 100% Alpaca SuperFine - NO Acrylic blends
  • Weight 2/16nm and 3/10nm
  • Each cone is ABOUT 2.20 lbs (1 kilo


(No reviews yet) Write a Review